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Snowflake Training

Browse the links below to gain a fundamental understanding of the Snowflake platform

Weekly Snowflake Workshops

There is a series of weekly Snowflake workshops, starting on May 12. New sessions are every week after that.

You can join an instructor-led, virtual hands-on lab to learn how to get started with Snowflake.

These will be good for all our interns to review/attend, to see lots of details about Snowflake and insights into what's available and involved. Some workshops are from Snowflake itself, others are from Snowflake partners such as Dataiku. A recording of these presentations should be available after the workshops . . . so we should have those available for you.

Here's the info on what's covered in the Snowflake direct sessions:

Overview of Snowflake Data Marketplace

An overview of Snowflake Data Marketplace and a step-by-step product walkthrough Information on accessing and leveraging data sets from Snowflake Data Marketplace to run queries, build visualizations, and answer business questions A live Q&A with Snowflake product experts

Join us for a reorded 60-minute hands-on demonstration with Snowflake product experts. Recorded on January 27, 10 a.m. PT. Learn how to use Snowflake Data Marketplace to securely access real-time, third-party data.

Additional Help

Snowflake and Power BI Videos on YouTube -

Getting Started with Snowflake - Follow along with these tutorials to get you up and running with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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